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[APAC CIOoutlook] Cover Story, YoungLimWon Soft-Lab


The shift in modern corporate management priorities toward value-creation and innovation is driving key decision-makers to embrace cloud-based ERP solutions that can unlock successful business outcomes.

SM Core, a logistics engineering organization, is one such company. After adopting a focus on profit and loss structures and profit realization to support its massive expansion over the past year, it required a SaaS ERP solution that could perform swift and precise data management.

It found an ally in YoungLimWon Soft-Lab, a leading ERP solution provider with three decades of industry experience.

YoungLimWon Soft-Lab facilitated the strategic adoption of its user-friendly ERP SystemEver solution into the client’s existing infrastructure without additional customization. It enabled meticulous cost analysis that yielded pivotal insights
into the client’s profit and loss structure. Aligning the data systems furnished realtime access to pertinent insights, serving as a catalyst for prompt and informed

Armed with the insights from ERP SystemEver, SM Core could discern areas of vulnerability and identify avenues for enhancement. Leveraging the ERP’s intricate tools for stock status and value management, it projected accurate material requisites and facilitated cost analysis. The ERP system, underpinned by userdriven data input, resulted in expeditious and accurate financial closures, cost savings that exceeded three percent, and elevated productivity.

For over three decades, YoungLimWon Soft-Lab has been delivering best-in-class ERP solutions that help clients maximize operational productivity and
efficiency. It offers multiple ERP solutions, including the K-System suite line, SystemEver, and Flextudio, that seamlessly integrate into an organization’s existing
infrastructure. Prioritizing customer experiences, it guides users to navigate the systems with confidence and proficiency.

“Our ERP solutions empower businesses to streamline operations and enhance productivity while ensuring a seamless user experience,” says Young Bum Kwon, CEO of YoungLimWon Soft-Lab.

Navigating with Intuitive Interfaces

Amid the intricacies of deploying complex SaaS-based ERP solutions, it recognizes the overarching market need for minimizing consulting support. Its solutions come with three key features to help users realize this advantage and ensure a cohesive, user-friendly customer experience.
The solutions use a visually intuitive process menu, illustrating the sequential arrangement of tasks. Unlike conventional text menus, the screen provides realtime progress updates on pending tasks within each process, expediting task execution and resonating with individuals new to handling them.
Each solution is a purpose-built program designed to guide users through implementation. Complementing this is a guide presenting detailed procedural instructions within the process menu. Embedding guidance directly into the user interface allows the creation of a simple and efficient experience.
Support capabilities are enriched by video-based instructions for each discrete process within the menu.
Users seeking clarity on the software’s different functions can access these videos in the menu. This offers comprehensive insights into the application’s use nuances, fostering self-sufficiency.
After finalizing the required services and solutions, the contract is executed. A streamlined deployment approach ensures that new customers can promptly
access subscribed services.

Empowering Clients with Tailored Workflows

The trajectory of an organization’s growth can be changed by these solutions, such as in the case of Fuoviders Inc., a company selling antibiotics, additives, and other drugs for livestock.

An extensive ERP selection process was conducted during inception, with the central criteria comprehensive logistical support functionalities. The client chose YoungLimWon Soft-Lab’s SystemEver cloud ERP for robust logistical support capabilities and advantages beyond functional superiority. SystemEver exhibited a
cost-effective setup compared to counterparts, coupled with the inherent advantages of cloud-based accessibility, enabling effective use with minimal training.

SystemEver’s deployment process was executed with ease. Fuoviders put forth specific requisites during implementation, which encompassed stabilizing initial
configurations, establishing an integrated organizational system, workflow orchestration between production and support departments, integrating corporate cost processes, and the precise calculation of manufacturing
costs. These demands were systematically addressed and enhanced within the SystemEver framework.

Post-implementation, SystemEver’s financial closure process necessitated three days for completion, a significant improvement from their previous system.
Currently, this operation concludes within a two-hour window. Fuovider’s management attested to its stability, with final account settlements accomplished in less than a day.

Championing Customer Feedback

When embarking on a journey to create new products, YoungLimWon Soft-Lab collaborates with power users to gather program requirements, ideas, and insights to drive development. Following the development phase, beta testing is conducted across four to five customer sites. In line with its operational strategy, it upholds a policy that prevents customers from directly customizing and developing ERP programs.

“Standardizing our cloud-based ERP programs allows us to maintain consistent user experiences across our customer base,” says Kwon.

Clients are encouraged to provide feedback and seek issue resolution online. Concerns are addressed promptly, and it accumulates program improvement requests over a defined period, incorporating them into subsequent minor upgrades. This allows for the maintenance of a responsive and iterative development cycle, attuned to clients’ evolving needs.

In response to market demands, it has introduced two new SaaS services – EverPayroll, a payroll outsourcing solution, and EverTime, an attendance management service. These services will expand its capabilities and cater to the requirements of a wider customer base.

Unleashing Operational Potential

To streamline the decision-making process and enable tailored workflows for diverse industries, YoungLimWon Soft-Lab underwent an extensive internal restructuring.
The strategic move resulted in the creation of distinct ERP business models for six key industries—pharmaceutical and biotech, B2C distribution, food processing, chemical, semiconductor devices, and IT service.

The industrial business models facilitate the accumulation of industry-specific process knowledge, enabling it to offer a comprehensive SaaS business model.
By creating a harmonized ecosystem, YoungLimWon Soft-Lab effectively streamlined the decision-making process and standardized features for its foundational ERP system, reducing client implementation time and cost.


To further optimize client experiences, it offers automated billing to reduce miscalculations. The system generates monthly subscription fees per the terms
stipulated in the client contracts.

Showcasing its prowess globally, YoungLimWon SoftLab will be hosting a Global Strategy workshop in Japan in November, 2023, in conjunction with the celebration of its 30th anniversary. Spotlighting its global expansion and the successful acquisition of 10 SaaS ERP reference sites in Japan, this event will amplify its reputation in the quality-conscious domestic and international markets. With an estimated 400 participants, including esteemed Japanese corporate partners, the workshop is set to bolster trust and rejuvenate ERP business efforts.

YoungLimWon Soft-Lab is a beacon of excellence in the ERP market, continually supporting organizations across diverse industries to unleash their operational
potential. Its commitment to user-centric innovation, streamlined deployment, and responsive feedbackdriven development has solidified its reputation as a trusted partner for companies aspiring to raise the bar for business excellence.

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