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“YoungLimWon Soft Lab conducts ‘garbage picking’ volunteer work in Gangseo Hangang District”

[Seoul = Newspim] Reporter Bae Yo-han = YoungLimWon Soft Lab, an ERP specialist company, announced on the 7th that it had carried out community environmental cleanup activities in the Gangseo Han River district on the 6th.

As part of their voluntary volunteer work, Younglimwon Soft Lab executives and employees traveled around the western part of the Han River to pick up trash. This activity was carried out in the form of participating in the ‘Han River Strolling’ campaign hosted by the Gangseo-gu Volunteer Center as part of social contribution activities in connection with the local community.

Younglimwon Soft Lab executives and staff are gathered together to take a commemorative photo. [Photo = Younglimwon Soft Lab]
About 60 volunteers from organizations and businesses in Gangseo-gu, including executives and employees of Younglimwon Soft Lab, gathered near Banghwa Bridge this afternoon and went around the nearby ecological park and sports park to pick up and separate garbage. In addition, to help improve the water quality of the Han River, we participated in creating a green environment by making and throwing ‘EM clay balls’ mixed with useful microorganisms and red clay.

Oh Ji-yeon, marketing manager at Younglimwon Soft Lab, who participated in the volunteer work, said, “It was even more meaningful to do meaningful activities at the Han River, which I often stopped by as a place to take a walk to change my mood.”

Ho Woong-ki, Executive Director of Younglimwon Soft Lab’s Future Value Realization Headquarters, said, “All parts of the world are suffering due to abnormal climate. I believe this activity will be an opportunity for executives and employees to reflect on their daily lifestyle habits and once again reflect on the importance of environmental protection.” He said, “We will gradually expand opportunities to create change by gathering the will of our executives and employees.”

Meanwhile, Younglimwon Soft Lab, in order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and take the lead in spreading good influence, engages in various social contribution activities such as ▲planting volunteer work ▲kimchi sharing ▲supporting community orphanages and specialized alternative education institutions ▲operating the ‘Younglimwon Pro Club’ scholarship foundation. is practicing.


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