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We should be truly thankful for having a whole body

Young Bum Kwon, CEO & Founder of YoungLimWon Soft-Lab

<永-Way : CEO’s 46th Remarks at YoungLimWon Soft-Lab>

“We should be truly thankful for having a whole body”

1st December 2023

People often overlook the value of common things, such as water and air. Air is so precious that we cannot live for a few minutes without it, and we cannot live for 3-4 days without it, yet we often take for granted the fact that we have access to clean water and air.

What is the most important thing we have? Needless to say, it is self-evident that it is a body. However, people do not know the importance of things like water and air, and they use them almost at the level of abuse.

Because all the organs of our body function in remarkable, precise harmony, operating flawlessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year we are able to sustain life and achieve our goals in various situations. In addition, happiness and meaning in life are possible because we have a complete body.
Because With our eyes, we can see and appreciate the world’s beauty. Stunning scenery, moving works of art, the cuteness of small flowers blooming on mountain paths, etc… Also, because we have eyes, we can read books, watch movies, recognize people, share their emotions by looking at their facial expressions, and recognize space, so we can move around freely.
Because humans have ears, they can easily communicate with other people and quickly sense what is happening around them. We can watch TV, listen to and sing along with our favorite songs, and be moved by the sublime melodies of classical music.
Likewise, because your hands and feet are intact, you can move freely and perform the roles or tasks given to you. Not only can you work, but you can also play various games and exercise for fun, and you can easily go to places you want to go and enjoy life.
Once injured, one truly realizes the value of a healthy body. Even if it is not a serious injury such as blindness or hearing loss, if you have a fractured ankle, elbow problem, or tooth pain, it will immediately affect your daily life and you will not be able to play and have fun with your child.

Perhaps due to genetics, my hearing has deteriorated with age. I don’t understand what other people are saying, so I keep asking questions, and when I go to a gathering of people, I don’t want to go to such gatherings because I can’t understand what’s being said from a distance, so I feel that my quality of life is deteriorating more and more. It deeply saddens me that my ability to hear high notes has diminished, making it impossible for me to enjoy the music I loved so much. Ah, if there is a way to properly enjoy music, I am willing to invest as much as I can…

I now vaguely understand why pioneers have said that being born a human is an incredibly precious opportunity. Not only on Earth but also in the universe, no living being is born with a more balanced and complete body than humans. I think this is because there is no place that provides an environment as suitable as Earth, where one can experience various human experiences with one’s body.

Shouldn’t we be thankful for being born with a healthy body, and strive harder to maintain it and live a valuable life that is more helpful to humanity as dignified beings born with such a precious opportunity?


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