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There’s no reason we shouldn’t live joyfully

Young Bum Kwon

Young Bum Kwon, CEO & Founder of YoungLimWon Soft-Lab

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“There’s no reason we shouldn’t live joyfully”

1st April 2024

Today is April Fool’s Day. Have you laughed at someone’s playful lie today? April Fool’s Day was designated as a holiday with the intent of sharing joy through harmless lies, but it seems even these joyful moments are evaporating.

Why can’t we live joyfully? Some may say it’s because they are overwhelmed by their responsibilities, others might say they lack peace of mind, and some believe there’s nothing joyful around them. However, no one truly wants to live a joyless life, making excuses all their lives. People seem to view happiness and joy as distant goals to be achieved, rather than states to be experienced.

Happiness and joy are not achievements that will come with effort; they are emotions influenced by our mindset. They can only be felt in the moment, not gained in the distant future like some object. If life is joyful, happiness follows naturally, boosting our motivation, energy, and sense of humor. Enjoying the present moment is a wiser choice than striving for distant happiness.

How can we start our day in a joyful mood? Beginning the day with a positive attitude is most effective. How do we maintain a good heart? Our mind is like elastic, stretching freely depending on our attitude. If we aim for a generous heart, it expands; if we are petty or anxious, it contracts. Therefore, starting the day with a generous heart seems like a good idea.

Consider these three approaches to life to broaden your mind:
First, a ‘sharing life.’ When we share good times, hard times, joys, sorrows, and even meals without being possessive, our minds find peace.
Second, a ‘letting go life.’ Nothing strains us more than greed. The more we desire, the narrower our minds become. As we strive for more, our perspective narrows, and we become blind to other things.
Third, a ‘grateful life.’ Reflect on how many people have helped us reach where we are and live a life of giving back with gratitude.

Regardless of the situation, if we approach it with the intent to enjoy, it will become enjoyable. If we do something because others told us to, it won’t be fun. If forced, it will be hard. Joy is a self-generated feeling. The intent to enjoy must come first for joy and happiness to follow.



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