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Let’s All Become Leaders in the New Year

There’s no need for grand gestures to develop self-leadership. I believe the essence of self-leadership lies in the opposite of the scenarios listed above. It includes having a firm belief in the meaning and value of life, striving to be useful based on trust, making choices that prioritize the greater good, communicating with confidence and humility, and continuously seeking innovative change.


Your mind determines success or failure

To concentrate, you first need to reduce distractions and manage your emotions. Naturally, the more things you pay attention to, the more diluted your concentration becomes. Excessive desires make you want to do everything at once. Also, when you like or dislike something, your mind is bound to react, so you must regularly manage and tame your emotions. Training to halt the continuous flow of thoughts is essential. Ideally, you should only engage your thoughts when needed and immerse yourself fully in the present moment.


Life doesn’t always go as we think

Without patience, we can’t truly learn life’s lessons or consistently strive for our desires. To achieve our dreams, we must cultivate the “power to endure.” Patience grants mental serenity, enabling us to face life’s hurdles with courage, resilience, and optimism. To respond calmly, without getting swayed by emotions or haste, we need to nurture patience.


The Magic Tool ‘Time’

To achieve great things, we must value every day and live with sincerity. People who spend their day casually will have a casual life, while people who value the small tasks they do every day will have a happy day and a happy life. I believe this.


“Reflections on ‘What is Management?”

A one-time surprise performance is not an extraordinary thing. The extraordinary things are constantly producing good results and making all members enjoy their work passionately. In a constantly changing business environment, to achieve consistently good results compared to various competitors, the continuous growth of members, including managers, must be supported.


“The Power of ChatGPT and Questioning”

Even when utilizing ChatGPT-4, the principle of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ still applies. In other words, the quality of the questions determines the value of utilizing ChatGPT-4. In particular, the ability to develop follow-up questions based on previous questions and answers is expected to elevate the level of ChatGPT-4 utilization.

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