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Artificial Intelligence and ERP

How else can ERP be transformed with artificial intelligence?
To realistically address this concern, you will need knowledge of what artificial intelligence technologies are currently applicable. However, there will be processes that can be automated even without artificial intelligence technology. For customers, it doesn’t matter at all what AI technology is used. I just want an easy, fast, and accurate system.
AI technology continues to develop. Even if it cannot be implemented today, there will be technologies that can be used someday. So, let’s imagine to our heart’s content what we would like AI ERP to do for us.


Exciting Year-End Team Building – Quality Innovation SBU

The main theme for 2024 is undoubtedly AI. YoungLimWon Soft Lab plans to focus on AI ERP research for the next three years. We will integrate generative AI into ERP and continue to sophisticate it. A major task is how to use AI to improve work efficiency and quality. Firstly, we must critically assess our current work and consider how to improve it, and how to use AI to enhance productivity and quality in our work.


“開新創來” ; Opening a new path to create a better future!

When first proposed graduate school, I hesitated as it was unfamiliar territory.
But, bolstered by the company’s ‘aggressive’ welfare policy of fully supporting tuition if one’s willing, I took the plunge.
Such opportunities aren’t common for employees.
I’m grateful to my company for offering this chance and am determined to contribute to its growth.


2023 YoungLimWon Soft-Lab Corporate Culture Innovation Conference

In this modern age of personalization, individuals value their unique strengths, lead connected lives as digital natives, and deliver peak performance when motivated by joy and personal growth. Breaking away from hierarchical, homogenized group mindsets, and financial-performance-based assessments, companies can foster growth by amplifying individual value, endorsing creative decision-making, and championing voluntary, autonomous tasks through horizontal communication.



Beyond classes, there is other aspect that have a positive impact on me. I have come to know many enthusiastic colleagues who are full of knowledge and passion through this program. Every class, I am exposed to various experiences and perspectives from my classmates, who are experts in their respective fields, which serves as a great source of inspiration for me. I feel that I am growing and evolving by sharing positive energy with my classmates.


The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Data-Driven Decision Making

In summary, if you can use artificial intelligence to find patterns in the data (i.e., why did something happen?), you can use these models for real-time anomaly detection and prediction. Moreover, you can make prescriptive decisions to induce the most desirable outcomes. As the level of data analysis utilization increases, a company’s competitive edge is heightened.


Responding to the Age of Big Data

Charles Darwin, the founder of the theory of evolution, stated that “It’s not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.”
Gary Loveman, CEO of Caesars Entertainment, often asks his employees, “Do you think or do you know?” Every employee suggesting a strategy or plan must provide evidence to support it. He’s even known for saying, “There are three ways to get fired from this company: theft, sexual harassment, and making statements without backing them up with data.”


Divergent Perspectives on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

As AI, such as conversational AI ChatGPT, evolves rapidly, there is controversy over whether artificial intelligence has the ability to reason like a human. Recently, scientists at Microsoft claimed that AI has reached a stage of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), where it can grow and infer on its own without human intervention. In fact, many people who have interacted with ChatGPT are concerned about whether the Singularity has finally arrived.


Digital Innovation (DX) Journey’s Key Partner, Flextudio

Successful digital innovation is not a temporary change, but a continuous movement that enhances the resilience of the company. Over time, the solutions introduced may even decrease the resilience of the organization, so it is necessary to be able to respond flexibly to changes in the organization and work through ‘digital plasticity’ that allows changes in the existing digital infrastructure.

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