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The changes in management performance through AI technology

Applying AI technology to ERP analysis has the potential to significantly improve performance in areas such as sales, accounting, production, finance, costing, and personnel. AI algorithms can provide accurate and timely insights into customer behavior and preferences, automate routine accounting tasks, optimize production planning and schedules, provide insights into financial performance, reduce costs, and optimize workforce management. However, there are limitations and challenges to consider, such as the need for high-quality data, the cost of implementing AI technology, and compliance requirements including data privacy, security, and ethical considerations.

New Enterprise Logo Types Celebrating 30th Anniversary

Younglimwon Soft Lab is going to mark its 30th anniversary this year.
This symbol is a tree, and the tree is a metaphorical representation of the members of Younglimwon Soft Lab. Also, ”永” in Chinese characters means the permanence of a company. The shape of the symbol is cloud-like, which means that Younglimwon Soft Lab leads the ERP market through the combination of cloud and the digital era.


Companies use ERPs just fit for their industries and cut maintenance costs drastically!

ProAS[Process App Store]
Lego Bricks of ProAS, Process Apps!

ERP vendors can develop new industry-specific ERPs by combining new processes reuse or partially modify
exsiting processes to enhance maintenance efficiency.

Customers shorten project period by applying industry best practicies.
It cuts implementation costs and enhace economic additionally after ERP implementation and achieve continuous advancements keeping up with company developments.

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