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What is Korea’s Future and Survival Strategy in the Era of Climate Crisis?

Korea Must Change Its Distorted Energy Pricing System” = Some argue that Korea’s competitive edge comes from its cheap electricity. Korea has one of the lowest electricity rates among OECD countries. Despite soaring international energy prices and production costs, Korea has frozen its electricity rates, leading to a staggering 30 trillion won loss for Korea Electric Power Corporation in 2022. With the current pricing structure not covering costs, there is little incentive to save energy or improve efficiency. Korea must now correct its distorted energy pricing system. Rational electricity pricing will reduce consumption and carbon emissions.


Let’s All Become Leaders in the New Year

There’s no need for grand gestures to develop self-leadership. I believe the essence of self-leadership lies in the opposite of the scenarios listed above. It includes having a firm belief in the meaning and value of life, striving to be useful based on trust, making choices that prioritize the greater good, communicating with confidence and humility, and continuously seeking innovative change.


Artificial Intelligence and ERP

How else can ERP be transformed with artificial intelligence?
To realistically address this concern, you will need knowledge of what artificial intelligence technologies are currently applicable. However, there will be processes that can be automated even without artificial intelligence technology. For customers, it doesn’t matter at all what AI technology is used. I just want an easy, fast, and accurate system.
AI technology continues to develop. Even if it cannot be implemented today, there will be technologies that can be used someday. So, let’s imagine to our heart’s content what we would like AI ERP to do for us.


Exciting Year-End Team Building – Quality Innovation SBU

The main theme for 2024 is undoubtedly AI. YoungLimWon Soft Lab plans to focus on AI ERP research for the next three years. We will integrate generative AI into ERP and continue to sophisticate it. A major task is how to use AI to improve work efficiency and quality. Firstly, we must critically assess our current work and consider how to improve it, and how to use AI to enhance productivity and quality in our work.


Showcasing its prowess globally, YoungLimWon SoftLab will be hosting a Global Strategy workshop in Japan in November, 2023, in conjunction with the celebration of its 30th anniversary. Spotlighting its global expansion and the successful acquisition of 10 SaaS ERP reference sites in Japan, this event will amplify its reputation in the quality-conscious domestic and international markets. With an estimated 400 participants, including esteemed Japanese corporate partners, the workshop is set to bolster trust and rejuvenate ERP business efforts.

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