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AI-based ERP Business Process

Empowering System Management with AI-driven ERP
Navigating the Future, Smarter, Faster and More Strategically.
AI Business Analysis is a integrated platform embedded in ERP, which enhances management strategies in the direction of prediction and action through data analysis and future forecasting utilizing AI technology.
Revenue Analysis
Data analysis centered around profit changes
  • Data analysis by item and customer based on profit changes
  • Predicting sales revenue or operating profit to show trends
Demand Forecasting
Analysis of sales and quantity demand trends
  • Analysis of sales data by item and customer
  • Forecasting sales of products for the next 3 months by customer
Sales Analysis
Analysis of operational efficiency and growth
  • Presentation of sales status and accounts receivable status by item and customer
  • Presentation of order profitability trends by responsible personnel
Management Indicator Analysis
Prediction of profit and key management indicators
  • Prediction of future data for profit and key management indicators
  • Profit simulation predicts net profit by adjusting profit items in management plan simulations
Raw Material Analysis
Forecasting orders and excess/shortage inventory for 3 months
  • Presentation of items requiring orders
  • Presentation of excess or shortage inventory compared to optimal inventory levels
Manufacturing Cost
Forecasting material costs, labor costs, and expenses for 3 months
  • Presentation of 3-month forecast data for material costs, labor costs, and expenses by item
  • Provision of intuitive predictive data
Market Analysis
Prediction utilizing various external data
(exchange rates, stock indices, banking data)
  • Providing expected sales revenue by analyzing correlations with external indicators
  • Forecasting revenue in won using business cycle indicators BSI
  • Big data model, external indicator model, business cycle indicator model
  • Providing customized data analysis tailored to the role and objectives of the user
  • Providing insights needed for business transformation
  • Analyzing and providing explanations for data in each respective panel
With SystemEver,
Your company’s vision can become a prosperous reality!

SystemEver is a product for these companies!

  • That feel the limitation of the low-cost ERP and accounting solutions they are using
  • That need to manage corporate operations from the perspective of process and data integration
  • That want to calculate precise costs and conduct accurate profitability analysis
  • That want to quickly apply advanced corporate practices to their additional development work
  • That want to accurately calculate the requirements within the company for successful implementation
  • The parent company using YoungLimWon’s built-in ERP, but subsidiaries looking for a lighter ERP option
  • Looking for a cheaper alternative to built-in models
  • That want to link with third-party solutions to expand ERP functions
  • That want to predict the future through ERP
  • Preparing for listing



Electrical & Electronics

Consumer Goods/

IT Service

Network Equipment

Integration map of SystemEver

Integration map of SystemEver

Advantages & Benefits

  • Contemporary technology
  • Seamless operation
  • Quick learning and ease of use
  • Reduction in IT facilities and personnel requirements
  • Step-by-step improvement
  • Special value to top management for making decision
  • Short closing time
  • Within your budget & time

Features & Strengths

  • Enhanced analytical and forecasting capabilities with AI-powered Management Analysis
  • Supports swifter decision-making with cash flow and profit information
  • Real-time Activity-Centric Management
  • Operational processes based on industry best practices
  • Eliminates the need for complex installation procedures
  • The no-code mobile app, Flextudio®, simplifies development, UX design and maintenance
  • Stitch®, our interface hub, ensures easy connectivity with other systems such as bar-code scanners, PDAs, MES, POS, gateways or the bank/tax reporting system
Process Menu
Sales Result Analysis
Accounting Dashboard
Help Screen


Consulting Period
20 Man/Day standard
Consulting Method
Configuration setting & Training
IT Professional
Not required
Comparable On-premise
Consulting Period
Over 3 Man/Month
Consulting Method
Process Analysis & Development
By request
IT Professional
Residence Required

* Modules can be added or interfaced with other systems, if necessary.

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