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APAC CIOoutlook Top 10 Cloud Solutions Providers 2022

Younglimwon Soft Lab,
Providing ERP Systems with Standardized Business Processes

In recent years, as cloud computing has become mainstream and widely used, companies have begun to realize the importance of extensibility.
This is crucial to eliminate inventory discrepancies andaccounting data discrepancies that are caused by an unsystematic or unstructured business process within the company and low efficiency due to repetitive work.
Enter Younglimwon Soft Lab, a company providing ERP Systems with standardized business processes.
Younglimwon Soft Lab has developed “Stitch Service,” a standard API for cloud SaaS ERP, which makes it easy to facilitate interworking with other systems. The company’s cloud SaaS product combines artificial intelligence to provide analysis services from various angles that can help customers make their
decisions for the future.
“Our mission is to provide the best solutions and impressive services to help our customers better manage their business. It is our purpose to provide differentiated value through our products and services,” says YoungBum Kwon, the CEO of Younglimwon Soft Lab.
Clients want to bring synergy to their companies through the integration of company-wide business processes and data consistency by introducing standardized ERP. Younglimwon Soft Lab’s cloud SaaS ERP, SystemEver contains standard business processes for various industries. Customer companies can immediately apply and use standardized business processes as soon as they are introduced without going through the steps of AS-IS/To-Be. Consequently, additional development is not required, and the cost reduction is excellent.
For example, Cosmecca Korea, a cosmetics research, development, and manufacturing company, is a representative reference in the cosmetics industry owned by Younglimwon Soft Lab. This customer company is an OGM (Original Global Standard and Good Manufacturing), ODM (Original Development
Manufacturing), and OEM (Original EquipmentManufacturing) company, and as it expanded its business to the US and China, it needed a global ERP system.
After comparing several ERP systems, they chose Younglimwon Soft Lab’s ERP, not only because the system is flexible to the cosmetic industry but also because of its scalability, compatibility, maintenance, and providing
of stable service. In addition, providing K-Studio, a development platform that supports customer companies to develop and add simple screens by themselves, was one of the reasons for the choice. In addition, recently,
the demand for the usability of the data collected through the smart factory has increased. Therefore, in data association analysis, anyone edits and processes data and applies it to work, and big data processing is set in three directions, and the data is visualized and charted, analyzed, and utilized for work.
The local subsidiary of Younglimwon Soft Lab (PT SystemEver Indonesia) in Jakarta, Indonesia, helps accounting and bookkeeping service providers to provide bookkeeping services more conveniently to their customers through the AccounTax SystemEver platform.
Representative companies include PT QST and BNG Group.
Younglimwon Soft Lab recently applied artificial intelligence functions to SystemEver and combined ten management analysis models in order to help customers identify and improve current management problems.
This AI management analysis model was developed by applying the consulting know-how accumulated through decades of projects by Younglimwon Soft Lab.
The AI management analysis model can predict what will happen in the future by analyzing the data accumulated by the customer company. For example, demand forecasting can help with adequate inventory
holdings. It provides an analysis of the profitability of appropriate profit or margin and an analysis of cash flow.
In addition, customers can have a better understanding of their own business situation by comparing their own data with others in the same industry.
For K-System Ace and SystemEver of Younglimwon Soft Lab, industry-specific processes are provided according to the customer’s sales scale or the purpose of the ERP introduction. The Indonesian subsidiary of the company launched a bookkeeping service called AccounTax SystemEver in July, providing a platform for accounting and tax consulting companies.
Younglimwon Soft Lab also provides clients with knowledge and information about management and IT on a regular basis. A good example is the ‘CEO Forum’ for executives or the ‘Forum for Next-Generation Leaders’ for team leaders. Also, they hold customer invitation
events on a regular basis or visit customer companies to hear their voices directly and reflect their needs to enhance products and services.
Younglimwon Soft Lab, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, has grown steadily at a rate of 15 percent every year and was listed on the KOSDAQ in August 2020. This year, until the third quarter of this year, the company has achieved the best sales performance since its establishment and has continued to grow. The background of this sustainable growth is due to the fact that the company tried to change to an autonomous organization seven years ago and newly established the corporate culture as a horizontal organization. Everyone has the authority and responsibility to carry out their work autonomously.

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