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[APAC CIOoutlook] YoungLimWon Soft Lab The Perfect ERP Solution for the 4th Industrial Revolution

A well-designed ERP suite can alter the course of enterprise growth by delivering unmatched visibility into vital business functions, thereby empowering organizations to respond rapidly to varied technological challenges and newer market demands. One such utilitarian and growth-oriented ERP solution is offered by Younglimwon Soft Lab – a world leader that specializes in SaaS-based resource planning solutions.
Established in 1993, Younglimwon Soft Lab (YLW), a Korean-based solutions provider, helps SMEs implement
the best practices needed for business excellence. The company strikes the right balance between satisfying
customer needs and creating cost-effective ERP customization, in turn, developing industry-specific solutions that clients can readily use without modification.
Bolstered by advanced tools that enable effective management of business operations, YLW’s SystemEver and ACE products give organizations the much-needed competitive edge in the enterprise landscape.
The cloud-based ERP products also deliver high visibility, smart insights, and capabilities required to create intelligent business processes while resolving the technical and financial problems SMEs face while operating
an ERP. SystemEver allows clients to select functional modules based on their preferences. Owing to its SaaS
architecture, users will be charged based on usage parameters; YLW allows easy addition or deletion of features, all the while combining the best of on-premise systems with the installation of standardized procedures, user manuals and customer self-trial functionalities.
The in-built, industry-specific workflows featured on SystemEver and ACE are designed to grow in accordance with customer demands, allowing companies to manage the increasing turbulence of the marketplace as
they expand. Also, YLW’s intuitive interface enables users to recognize their workflows at a glance and provides the flexibility of interworking with other systems such as banking, POS, Groupware, PDA, Barcode, or MES through API stitch – YLW’s interface hub. Besides, SystemEver’s process management functions combined with mobile features, provide on-field users the ability to share information, collaborate with peers, and execute tasks in real-time. Essentially, users can access SystemEver not only on the PCs but also on tablets and Smartphones (Android, IOS) as well.Upon engaging with a client, YLW’s experienced team helps the management sketch a detailed plan of action to leverage all the features and functionalities of SystemEver to induce change and enhance their operational capabilities.
One of their clients, JSM beauty, a cosmetics manufacturing and wholesale company, evaluated three ERP products before adopting SystemEver. Impressed by the userfriendly interface, robust features, and YLW’s transparent pricing system, JSM beauty chose SystemEver, and YLW’s team re-engineered and standardized processes of all the respective departments. SystemEver’s profitability analysis of product lines helped the JSM management in making quick and accurate decisions of product line rearrangement.
Owing to such successful collaborations, YLW has been awarded national R&D programs two times in the
last ten years. The WBS (World Best Software) program provided YLW with USD 4.5 million for 2011~13, and
GCS (Global Creative Software) program provided USD 4 million for 2015~17. Through the support of these national R&D programs and the cumulative experience of architecting ERP for varied client requirements, YLW
has perfected its cloud-based, SaaS-oriented SystemEver and ACE, along with their corresponding operational modules.
Today, the company offers its state-ofthe-art ERP solutions to over 2000 domestic and foreign companies, across various industrial sectors. Aspiring to become the best in Asia, YLW is expanding into Southeast Asian regions such as Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and to subsequent markets such as Japan and China.

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