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Life doesn’t always go as we think

Young Bum Kwon, CEO & Founder of YoungLimWon Soft Lab

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“Life doesn’t always go as we think”

It’s not something to be taken lightly

1st August 2023

The passage you’ve provided delves deeply into the importance of perseverance and patience in life, illustrating it through personal experiences and the ancient saying “愚公移山.” Here’s the English translation:

There’s an old saying, “愚公移山,” which translates to “The foolish old man moves mountains.” Its essence signifies that with determination and patience, even the most challenging tasks can be accomplished.

Many parents hold their children in high regard, protecting them from any hardship. A recent incident involving a primary school teacher from Seo Elementary School, who took her own life, seems to stem from the overprotective nature of parents. Their child drew on another child’s forehead with a pencil, and the parents vehemently reprimanded the teacher.

In reality, I’ve seldom seen children raised with such overprotection overcome life’s adversities and grow splendidly. Instead, they tend to shy away from challenges, easily feel defeated by minor setbacks, and grow resentful when society doesn’t conform to their expectations, often turning into maladjusted or solitary individuals.

In life, we encounter many obstacles. Overcoming these challenges bit by bit allows us to discover life’s truths and pleasures. To do this, one inevitably needs the strength to endure.

This endurance isn’t innate. I recall my lack of patience due to my mother’s overprotection during my childhood. My older brother would tease me, and once, I threw a knife, leaving a permanent mark on his cheek.

During college, as my family’s financial situation became challenging, I matured. Military service and subsequent challenges grew my resilience. Leaving my job at Samsung Electronics to prepare for further studies, I worked as a restaurant manager for a year. Living humbly, sleeping on the floor with staff, cooking breakfast, and cleaning restrooms after business hours built my confidence to overcome any challenges.

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I realized perseverance and tenacity aren’t innate but cultivated through hardships. I believe I could’ve led a more fulfilling life had I learned this earlier. To parents raising children, I’d emphasize the importance of fostering patience and determination through challenges.

Without patience, we can’t truly learn life’s lessons or consistently strive for our desires. To achieve our dreams, we must cultivate the “power to endure.” Patience grants mental serenity, enabling us to face life’s hurdles with courage, resilience, and optimism. To respond calmly, without getting swayed by emotions or haste, we need to nurture patience.

To achieve greatness in life, we should willingly embrace challenges and give our best. Especially when young, one must avoid picking only the easy tasks. After all, life’s accomplishments are proportional to unwavering will and endurance.

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