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Industry-focused, expertise-driven ERP solutions
built on decades of sector-specific knowledge

K-System Ace encapsulates the know-how and processes accumulated over 3 decades of
ERP implementation experience, serving more than 2,200 customers.
We deliver integrated solutions that enhance management practices by leveraging the latest technology,
tailored to industry-specific needs.

K-System Ace Features

  • Standard integration with other solutions
    such as Bizplay, Nice Information Service, SmartBill,
    Sabangnet, PLC, FTA-Pass, and bank integration
  • Support expansion modules according to the scope of
    business management, such as personnel evaluation,
    business planning, internal accounting, consolidation
    settlement, etc
End-user Computing
  • User-selectable notification options, including emails, SMS
    and Kakao Talk Notifications
  • Excel Sheet-like UX / Convert printouts to various files
    (PDF, PPT, Excel, HWP, etc.)
  • Manage customer-customized content through the CMS
  • Built-in ERP approval process
  • Enable tablets and mobile for a smart work experience
    that doesn’t limit time, place, or wires
  • Enable language pre-registration for Korean,
    English, and other required languages
  • Flexible response to industry-specific business issues
    with industry-specific processes
  • Quick application of industrial environment changes
    such as business process and sales scale changes
    through system configuration
Powerful Security
  • Compliance with privacy laws, including encryption
    of personal information and destruction of segregated employee data
  • Protect your account and secure external access
    with two-factor authentication
To effectively implement ERP systems and adapt to changes associated with growth,
the system must prioritize integration, scalability, flexibility, convenience,
and security within specific industries.
# Standardize processes across industries
# Responding to external environmental changes
# Reflect new improvement processes

Economic Benefits Expenditure Report
Manage Medical Purchasing Agent
Near-expired Goods


Shelf Life Management
Recipe Management

Semiconductor & Equipment

WBS Management
PLM Integration
Preproduction Management
IFRS 1115


Chemical Substances Management Act
Safety and Environmental Management
Weighbridge Integration
Product restocking


Sales Activities
Assigning Availability
License Key Interlocking


Proof of Expenses
Manage government grants

Medical Devices

Service Management
UDI Management
LOT Tracking


Transportation Management
Sabangnet Interlocking
WMS Interlocking

Overall Configuration Diagram

Overall Configuration Diagram
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