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JUNGSAMMUL Beauty Co., Ltd., a leading makeup artist brand in Korea

JUNGSAMMUL Beauty Co., Ltd., a leading makeup artist brand in Korea

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Cosmetics Manufacturing, Wholesale of Cosmetics and Cosmetic Accessories

JUNGSAMMUL Beauty Co., Ltd.,
a leading makeup artist brand in Korea

– A cosmetics company with a story
that reflects the needs of the makeup field
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Ki-Deok Kwon, SCM team leader

After the introduction of YoungLimWon Cloud ERP, SystemEver,
we established departmental tasks, shortened monthly closing, and enabled profit and loss analysis.
We compared three ERP companies and chose to adopt YoungLimWon Cloud ERP’s SystemEver.
We made this decision based on its transparent cost structure and user-friendly interface.
Working with YoungLimWon Soft Lab for consulting,
many departmental tasks were organized at JUNGSAMMUL Beauty.
Now, with monthly closings, it’s possible to analyze profit and loss and determine which products are profitable.

“Reflecting the needs experienced in the makeup field, Director Jung Saem Mool personally develops products, giving us a competitive edge over companies without such stories.”
JUNGSAMMUL Beauty is a professional makeup artist brand that brings out ‘inherent beauty’. The company aims to grow into a global makeup artist brand. To achieve this, it was considered necessary to obtain data to guide the company’s direction, leading to the adoption of YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s cloud SaaS ERP, ‘SystemEver’.
We spoke with Ki-Deok Kwon, the SCM team leader at JUNGSAMMUL Beauty and the central figure in the ERP implementation, about the company’s vision and the background of adopting ERP.

What is JUNGSAMMUL Beauty?

The JUNGSAMMUL Beauty brand, based on the extensive experience of Korea’s representative makeup artist Jung Saem Mool, mainly targets people in their 30s, with actual consumers ranging from their 20s to 40s.
One of the products that made JUNGSAMMUL Beauty widely known is the JUNGSAMMUL Nuder Cushion. It currently makes up a significant portion of the company’s sales and has greatly popularized the brand.

What is JUNGSAMMUL Beauty’s competitive edge?

Typically, in cosmetic development processes, a product planning team conducts market research and trend analysis. However, at JUNGSAMMUL Beauty, makeup artists reflect the needs experienced on-site, and Director Jung Saem Mool personally develops the needed products, giving the company a strong justification as a cosmetics company. The detailed consideration of color and texture gives the company a significant competitive edge over ordinary cosmetic companies lacking such stories.

Why adopt ERP?

“Until now, all the companies I’ve experienced were using ERP, but as JUNGSAMMUL Beauty reached its fifth year since establishment, we found that data on the company’s cash flow, inventory, and sales revenue were scattered, not integrated. Making decisions and managing the business was difficult due to the slightly varying and unguaranteed accuracy of the data submitted by each department,” explained Team Leader Kwon about the reasons for adopting ERP. They compared three ERP companies and decided on YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s SystemEver. The user-friendly interface, similar to Excel, was seen as a significant advantage, especially for employees inexperienced with ERP. Regarding cost, Kwon noted, “While other companies had many hidden costs that snowballed during evaluation, YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s SystemEver has a transparent and certain cost structure, where users can clearly know the costs by selecting features within the module.”

What makes SystemEver special?

Before adopting ERP, JUNGSAMMUL Beauty, like many startups, had no established departmental tasks, with duties often overlapping between departments. Through consulting during SystemEver implementation, they organized tasks according to the ERP menu, significantly improving efficiency.
While there were no major issues with each department handling purchases and logistics in the previous system, it was impossible to determine if selling a particular product was profitable. By setting targets during consulting and setting up from scratch, the company now accurately analyzes profit and loss after monthly closings, knowing the cost and sales price of each product, and determining the profitability of sales.

“With the cost analysis data obtained through SystemEver, we will be able to make accurate decisions towards growing into a global company.”

What is JUNGSAMMUL Beauty’s goal?

“There are brands like ‘Bobbi Brown’ in the U.S. and ‘Shu Uemura’ in Japan, represented by makeup artists of those countries. JUNGSAMMUL Beauty, currently achieving sales growth through domestic sales, plans to focus on exports, leveraging the advantages of being a department store brand in Korea,” said Team Leader Kwon.
With access to data like cost analysis, the company can now make more accurate decisions for business expansion. This competitive edge forms the basis for JUNGSAMMUL Beauty’s ultimate goal of growing into a global makeup artist brand.

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