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IT Service

Undoubtedly, we are intimately familiar with the essentials of the IT services industry.

Industry Specific keywords

Reference Customers

  • Implementation of an Integrated System for Affiliates
  • Application of cost management through project management and budget control
  • Billing and management system according to monthly billing-type orders
  • Attendance and expense management through mobile devices
  • Integration and management of PRM (Partner Relationship Management System)
  • Development and application of rebate and promotion management
  • Development and application of software distribution and hardware management
  • In use by Daou Technology and four other subsidiary corporations
  • Self-maintenance through the purchase of development TOOLS
  • Distribution and self-solution sales management, available manpower management
  • Use and additional implementation of subsidiary companies
  • Development source and self-maintenance of development
  • Application of the personnel evaluation module
  • Bundle software management
  • Application of contract management, customer management, reseller, and promotion management
  • Application of deliberation and review management for sales items
  • Application of management modification and development for subcontractor and manpower management sections
  • Application of additional development related to travel planning and business planning
  • Application of attendance reporting through Mobile
  • ERP + Partner Management System implementation
  • Internal network environment and in-house developed source management
  • Integrated system management from order receipt to maintenance
IGLEOO Security
  • Integration of the in-house license management with ERP
  • Application of cost management through project management and budget control
Penta Security
  • License issuance and Serial Number history management
  • Central DB integration management
  • GW integration
  • Salary management and allowance management for over 200 types of pay
  • Develop training/recruitment processes
  • Agent shift and work schedule attendance management
  • Work convenience functions such as employment contract/annual leave promotion, etc.
  • Mobile application
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