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2023 YoungLimWon Soft-Lab Corporate Culture Innovation Conference

Last September, YoungLimWon Soft-Lab introduced new technologies emphasizing that a horizontal and autonomous corporate culture aligns with this personalized era and propels business growth. CEO Young Bum Kwon articulated the company’s vision around two pivotal pillars: an AI-based ERP system and Flextudio, a no-code mobile app development platform aiding corporate cultural innovation.

In the age of personalization, a corporate culture that maximizes individual potential is crucial

In this modern age of personalization, individuals value their unique strengths, lead connected lives as digital natives, and deliver peak performance when motivated by joy and personal growth. Breaking away from hierarchical, homogenized group mindsets, and financial-performance-based assessments, companies can foster growth by amplifying individual value, endorsing creative decision-making, and championing voluntary, autonomous tasks through horizontal communication.

The inception of a revolutionary and wholesome corporate culture lies in harnessing innovative tools, which should be universally accessible. Reflecting our smartphone-centric era, YounglimWon SoftLab launched ‘Flextudio2.0’, a no-code mobile app development platform. This not only eases app development challenges but also resolves operational management difficulties. Even companies without IT departments can craft their apps, embedding their unique culture, and drive further growth. Flextudio’s standout feature is its ability to produce high-quality apps in a short span.

YoungLimWon Soft-Lab leveraged Flextudio 2.0 to develop ‘EverAsk’ and ‘EverOnOne’ apps aimed at transforming corporate culture. Over recent years, the company approached a luminous corporate culture in an uncertain business landscape using the power of inquiry. They introduced a culture of open questioning within the company, and this led to the creation of EverAsk, an app assuring anonymity, enabling all to voice their opinions freely. It could redefine brainstorming, efficiently collate ideas, and provide top executives a direct line to ground-level feedback and improvement suggestions.

The other mobile application, ‘EverOnOne’, is an integrated view cloud service optimizing individual productivity. Using ‘EverOnOne’, users can access all their tasks on a single screen. With rapidly changing work environments and the frequent usage of various apps, employees often switch between apps, leading to decreased concentration and increased fatigue. ‘EverOnOne’ offers a smarter workspace by minimizing these transitions.

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