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[Hankyung Essay] Why the more you consider others, the happier you become

Young Bum Kwon, CEO & Founder of YoungLimWon Soft-Lab

[Hankyung Essay] Why the more you consider others, the happier you become

17. January 2024

As smartphones have become a necessity that cannot be taken out of the hands of people of all ages and genders, human society is increasingly becoming more individual-centered. You can now find the information you want alone, shop alone online, and even order a meal alone through an app. At the same time, the idea that ‘I can live well alone, so why should I care about others?’ seems to be spreading more and more among people.

However, humans are clearly animals that cannot live alone. Children under the age of ten require adult protection. In this way, humans are the weakest beings among animals. Since humans cannot fly freely like a bird, cannot move between trees as quickly as a squirrel, or show off their mighty strength like a bear, humans were born with the fate of living together.

If we have to live together, everyone must do things that help others, not just ourselves. People who do not fulfill such duties will be left out of human society. There is no one who is successful without giving to the world. We are all familiar with numerous cases that seemed successful for a while but ended poorly.

However, there are many reasons why we cannot be considerate of others. Broadly speaking, the most common case is the failure to overcome the egocentrism formed in infancy. Examples include the withdrawal behavior that comes from the habit of suppressing and not being able to speak up courageously about wrongdoings, and the closed-minded choice of being emotionally hurt and closing one’s mind throughout life.

In this way, for people who live lives without awareness or consideration for beings other than themselves, the opportunities to observe or understand other people’s thoughts, feelings, and desires gradually decrease. If this happens, not only human relationships but also creativity and innovative thinking will inevitably decline. In other words, a person who cannot be considerate of others will inevitably have a lower and lower probability of success in life.

Paradoxically, as the number of people lacking consideration increases, those who are considerate of others stand out more. When a person receives consideration from someone, he or she not only feels grateful and expresses gratitude, but also resolves to repay the favor when the opportunity arises. If there are more people who want to repay you, it can be a great asset in your life when seeking new opportunities. You will also be able to feel the value of your own existence and the joy of life.

In this way, if consideration for others is at the foundation of your life, humility, which is the most important attitude for growth and development, will mature, understanding will deepen, and excessive greed can be easily shaken off. In addition, by maintaining a state of satisfaction at all times, such as being grateful for even small things, you will naturally lead a happy life.

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