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[Hankyung Essay] Time cannot be returned, let’s be faithful to every moment

Young Bum Kwon, CEO & Founder of YoungLimWon Soft-Lab

[Hankyung Essay] Time cannot be returned, let’s be faithful to every moment

7. February 2024

It seems like the new year has just begun, but a month has already passed. God gave ‘time’ equally to all human beings, but unfortunately, most people spend their time in vain. A precious life ends without much meaning. It is obvious that success or failure in life depends on how you spend your time. Time is a magical tool that allows anyone to achieve what they want. I believe that you can achieve success in life if you use your time to value the following three things.

First, it is a matter of clarifying ‘what to live for’. It is about clarifying what is the most important value in my life, that is, the purpose of life. If you don’t do this first, you are bound to be constantly wandering throughout your life.

Second, selection and concentration. If you want to do this and that, you can’t fully concentrate on either one. You can do well by excluding various stimuli around you as much as possible, freeing yourself from distractions, and maintaining focus only on what you want to do.

Third, it is consistent promotion. Once you have set a big goal, you should not give up easily when difficulties arise in the process of carrying it out, or you should not be swayed by the temptation to stop doing it because it seems like someone else’s work is better. If you stick with it until the end, you can achieve amazing results.

In his book A New Earth, world spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle asserts that “time does not exist,” and that anything can be done only in the moment. He also gives the teaching that “only those who cherish small things can achieve big things.” If you think about it, you can see that the only thing we can do is now, at this moment. You can’t turn the clock to go back just one minute, or one minute later. If you want to live life well, the only way is to focus on this moment.

We are often unable to focus on the present because we are tied up in the past or worrying about a future that has not yet happened. It’s really unfortunate that we’re so tied down by psychological time that we’re not able to be faithful to this moment, making our entire lives sloppy. Whatever the task, it may feel somewhat insignificant if you only look at what you can accomplish in a day because it is a combination of tasks that are faithful to the moment. However, if you think of it as trivial, it is obvious that you will become less and less devoted to it and neglect it. This is the reason why your intentions fall apart in just three days.

To achieve great things, you must value each day and live it with sincerity. People who spend their days boringly will find their lives boring, and people who cherish the little things they encounter each day will be able to live a more dense life thanks to the magical tool called time.

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