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[Hankyung Essay] Health to be appreciated and treated with care

Young Bum Kwon, CEO & Founder of YoungLimWon Soft-Lab

[Hankyung Essay] Health to be appreciated and treated with care

28. February 2024

We often do not value what is common. Prime examples are water and air. Without air, we can only survive a few minutes, and without water, only a few days, yet we forget their importance all too easily. Of course, being constantly grateful for every moment of enjoying water and air is not an easy task.

What is the most valuable thing we possess? Without a doubt, it is a ‘healthy body’. However, like water and air, its importance often goes unrecognized, and as a result, we tend to take our health for granted.

In the human body, all organs operate in an incredibly precise and harmonious manner. They function without a single error, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing us to sustain life and achieve our goals. A healthy body supports not only our happiness but also deepens the meaning of life.

Clear vision allows us to perceive the world’s beauty more vividly. Whether it’s stunning landscapes, moving artworks, or the charming sight of small flowers on a mountain trail, our vision makes it easier to read, watch movies, and share subtle emotions through the expressions of those we meet.

The joys brought by sensitive hearing are immense. It enables us to quickly detect what is happening around us. You can enjoy watching TV, sing along to songs by your favorite artists, immerse yourself in the heavenly melodies of classical music, and communicate more effortlessly with others.

The freedom to move our hands and feet allows us to perform our duties and tasks without strain. We can engage in hobbies like gaming, sports, creative activities, and travel long distances without significant trouble.

You truly realize the value of maintaining a healthy body when you suffer an injury. Even minor ailments like an ankle fracture or toothache can severely disrupt your daily life.

As I’ve gotten older, my hearing has deteriorated, possibly due to genetics. I often fail to grasp what others are saying and find myself asking for repetitions. In crowded places, I struggle to hear distant voices, which makes me avoid such gatherings. It’s particularly sad that I can no longer enjoy the music I love due to my declining high-frequency hearing. It feels like my quality of life is gradually worsening.

The saying that ‘Being born a human is an incredible opportunity’ resonates deeply with me. It is believed that no other creature in the universe is as finely tuned as humans. We must cherish our bodies, which are granted such a precious opportunity, and strive to lead meaningful and dignified lives for as long as possible.

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