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Fuoviders, Leading the Future of the Livestock Industry with Eco-Friendly Products

Fuoviders, Leading the Future of the Livestock Industry with Eco-Friendly Products

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Manufacturing of finished pharmaceuticals

Leading the Future of the Livestock Industry
with Eco-Friendly Products

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Seung-Mo Kim, CFO

Since its inception, the company has adopted YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s cloud ERP,
‘SystemEver’ due to the importance of the system.
High implementation effects such as closing of accounts, highest satisfaction with ERP.
At the beginning of the company, the importance of the system is paramount.
That’s why the adoption of ERP was considered a prerequisite during the establishment of the company.
It’s most important because data on logistics, accounting, and more come from the system.
This is the reason behind the adoption of YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s cloud ERP.

Fuoviders (CEO Kwang Dong Lee) is a startup company spun off from a company called FarmHannong(LG Group) in the first half of 2017. However, the company has 30 years of know-how in its main business item, the supply of animal medicines, which began with FarmHannong.
Fuoviders, a combination of Future, Bio, and Providers, signifies people who supply future bio products. In an interview, CFO Seung Mo Kim said, “Through the supply of eco-friendly products, we will contribute to the sustainable development of the livestock industry.” As the company embarks on a new journey, it intends to develop more eco-friendly products, emphasizing ‘future’ and ‘bio’. Fuoviders is recognized as a leader in the vaccine and hygiene control sectors of the animal medicine industry, with its products’ distinct differentiation leading to relatively higher sales compared to competitors.
CFO Kim stated, “With the determination to take responsibility for the future of the livestock industry, we will supply better eco-friendly products and continue to invest in the system for this purpose.” This underlines the reason for focusing on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) despite being a new company.

Background of adopting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

It’s not easy for a startup to adopt ERP from the beginning. During the company’s establishment, there are many things to prepare, and if the management doesn’t feel the need for an IT system, it continues to be a low priority in investment.
CFO Kim emphasized the importance of systems at the start of the company and considered ERP a prerequisite in the establishment process. He added that logistics and accounting data coming from the system are crucial, and a system that can provide data numerically is most important. Therefore, Fuoviders conducted presentations with three ERP companies, including YoungLimWon Soft Lab, for ERP adoption before the company’s establishment.

Why choose YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s ERP?

Fuoviders selected YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s cloud ERP ‘SystemEver’ as a result of the presentations.
The company focused on the support functions for logistics processes as the primary criterion for choosing ERP.
YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s ERP was evaluated to have strong support in logistics compared to other ERP providers, and it had many advantages over the foreign ERP used in FarmHannong. Its cloud ERP was already set up, more cost-effective than foreign-built ERPs, and could be used anywhere with internet access, with a fast learning curve for users.

Relatively smooth ERP implementation process compared to built-in ERP

Fuoviders focused on convenience in building and using the ERP. Being a small and medium-sized enterprise with a limited number of staff, efficiently using the most needed features was directly linked to competitiveness.
The cloud ERP project implementation by YoungLimWon Soft Lab was relatively easier compared to built-in ERP. Starting from April 10, 2017, the project was completed in 14 visits, coinciding with the company’s operation start in May. Monthly closing from May to December was also successfully completed.
Fuoviders requested stable initial settings for the new corporation, an integrated corporate system, linking business management between production and support departments, corporate card integration, and manufacturing cost calculation. YoungLimWon Soft Lab improved all these aspects through its cloud ERP ‘SystemEver’.

Effects of adopting cloud ERP ‘SystemEver’

Fuoviders started using ERP from May 1, the beginning of its operations. Initially, closing the accounts took three days, but now it’s completed within two hours after sales closing. The company explained that all account closings are completed in less than a day, showing stability.
CFO Kim said, “Thanks to ERP, logistics and accounting departments operated normally from the start of the business,” and auditors praised the company for being well set up for an early-stage company.

High satisfaction among employees with the introduction of ERP

CFO Kim gave high marks to YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s ERP, especially for its logistics. He explained that if there’s an error in the system, it shows up in the numbers, and these errors can be easily detected and corrected. The quick response and capability of YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s service are also reasons for the high satisfaction among Fuoviders employees. Feedback on requests is provided within 30 minutes to an hour, ensuring smooth use of the ERP.

CFO Kim said, “If I were to rate YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s ERP, I would give it 9.5 out of 10 for satisfaction.” He particularly noted that completing the company’s vision relies heavily on a system based on ERP.

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