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No-code Mobile App Platform

The challenges faced by businesses in operating mobile apps are no problem with Flextudio.
Get your mobile apps serviced reasonably.

Sustainable and Affordable
Subscription-based Corporate App Service


Enhances productivity with low-code tools.
Minimizes development/operation costs through the removal of management elements and continuous service.
Mobile Apps is Easy, Fast, Reasonable Service.

Run a Dev Team with Single Developer

# Build a sophisticated app in a day
# From design to maintenance by one developer
# Link various legacy data to your app
With Flextudio, App development can be completed within 15days!

General App Development


Flextudio takes care of every step from prototyping to using the app smoothly.
Eliminating time-consuming development efforts such as setting up development environments, debugging,and repeatedly developing login management.
Anyone can easily modify the developed app and apply it immediately, and OS security updates are also automatically carried out.

Core Technology

No-Code Development Platform
Low-Code Development Platform
  • Scenario UI/UX Template
  • AI data automatic generation
  • SaaS- based development environment
  • Various UI Component
Real-time Development Operation
& Multi-Tenant
  • Real-time debugging and deployment support
  • Scenario version management
  • Provide management page
  • Deployment automation (CI/CD)
  • By tenant DB connection
Highly Reliable Infrastructure (AWS)
  • Server – Lambda
  • Security and Authentication – Cognito, K.M.S.
  • Storage - RDS, S3
  • Network - API G/W, Route 53, etc
Native Mobile Features
  • Push notifications
  • QR /Bar-Code Scanner
  • RFID, NFC app integration
  • GPS, socket communication
  • SDK provided separately

Flextudio Service Structure

Low code · Low-code tools allow you to easily develop apps, conveniently deploy them, and deliver them to users.
Connect to various APIs or DBs to utilize the necessary data within the app.
User Management Console

After selecting the desired app, send an invitation text to the user.
Users can use the app through identity verification

Utilizing DB connectors & FlexAPI

Integration with our own database or existing backend systems is possible.

Rich Features Available for Developers

Flextudio allows you to utilize a variety of features.
Not only advanced features like push notifications and sockets, which are typically available only in native apps,
but also you can create personalized apps using web-based libraries and external APIs.

Various Security Settings

Connect your enterprise systems without worrying about security.
Only authenticated users with the highest level of security access the systems registered with AWS as relay services.
You can register fixed IPs for Flex Connector and API or establish separate Private Link connections.
* VPC connection is requested separately

Highest level of security with Key Managed Service and OTP authentication.

Azure AD SSO
Azure AD SSO

Support for Azure AD SSO integration on a per-tenant basis.

Flex API
Flex API

Directly access the final connection information via AWS security protocols.

Flex Connector
Flex Connector

Only authenticated users can access

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