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Exciting Year-End Team Building – Quality Innovation SBU

Wan Seok Yoon

Global Marketing Content Manager, YoungLimWon Soft-Lab

‘Can you believe that 2023 is coming to an end? I hope you have successfully achieved the plans and goals you set for the new year.

YoungLimWon Soft Lab, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, has had an especially busy year. We held product launches for Flextudio, EverAsk, and EverOnOne, and in November, we created unforgettable memories with all employees, partners, and customers at our 30th-anniversary event in Osaka, Japan. We also developed the thrilling vision of 4Aces for the coming future.

4 Aces:
1. Achieve $100 million in sales by 2030
2. Stock price reaching 100,000 won
3. Average annual salary of 100 million won
4. Number 1 ERP in Asia

Achieving $100 million in sales and a stock price of 100,000 won will lay the foundation for us to become a centennial company, and expanding into the global market, starting with Japan, to become the top ERP company in Asia will be an exciting new challenge.

To wrap up 2023 and leap forward, the Quality Innovation SBU had an end-of-year team-building event. As YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s business flourishes overseas, quality becomes even more crucial, making this team building highly significant.

Experiencing cultural activities with team members in unfamiliar places and trying new foods allows us to discover new aspects of our colleagues that we wouldn’t know from work alone. Good team building is reflected in productive team meetings. New stimuli act as inspiration, and we can share opinions on team growth from various perspectives.

The main theme for 2024 is undoubtedly AI. YoungLimWon Soft Lab plans to focus on AI ERP research for the next three years. We will integrate generative AI into ERP and continue to sophisticate it. A major task is how to use AI to improve work efficiency and quality. Firstly, we must critically assess our current work and consider how to improve it, and how to use AI to enhance productivity and quality in our work.

Naturally, this productivity will be linked to a good corporate culture. Maintaining a balance in work and the work environment is key to continuous growth. Developing the habit of asking good questions is also important, as the right questions play a crucial role in guiding us in the right direction.


“Let’s all create a great corporate culture in 2024 with the habit of asking questions!”

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