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“Donation Management: Transparent and Efficient”

“Donation Management: Transparent and Efficient”… Beautiful Foundation introduces ERP from Younglimwon Softlab.

Younglimwon Soft Lab launches a specialized ERP for non-profits.
Features include automatic generation of the National Tax Service’s settlement disclosure form.
Beautiful Foundation: “Steady fund management… Enhanced work efficiency.”

[E-Daily Reporter Yang Ji-yoon] “With over 60 funds raised and dozens of projects underway, we’ve adopted ERP to embrace digital transformation and elevate work efficiency.”

The Beautiful Foundation has taken steps to enhance transparency by adopting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that facilitates the automatic generation of the National Tax Service’s settlement disclosure form. In line with this initiative, the Beautiful Foundation announced on the 21st that it has integrated Younglimwon Softlab’s specialized ERP system for non-profits.

Founded in 2000, The Beautiful Foundation is a public-benefit corporation actively supporting charitable endeavors and promoting a culture of giving. Among the approximately 40 support projects managed by the Beautiful Foundation are initiatives assisting other civic organizations. The necessity for adept project management and streamlined operations became apparent as the foundation oversees over 60 funds and various projects aiding other civic entities.

System Ever Non-Profit, a software developed by Younglimwon Softlab, merges the company’s expertise in ERP construction with the insights of tax professionals. The software facilitates the management of numerous tax forms, document preparation, and exclusive account management, enabling non-profit organizations to meet challenging legal requirements effectively.

Seo Ji-man, the Financial Accounting Team Leader at The Beautiful Foundation, remarked, “Thanks to the seamless data consistency throughout our operations, we’ve achieved more stable fund management. Immediate updates on pertinent matters have significantly enhanced our work efficiency.”

Uniquely, System Ever Nonprofit provides budget, expenditure, and sponsorship management modules tailored for non-profits, distinguishing itself from typical commercial enterprise ERPs. Younglimwon POS Prep anticipates the system will alleviate challenges encountered by non-profits and bolster operational efficiency.

Offered as a subscription software (SaaS), System Ever Non-Profit is a cloud ERP service, presenting a competitive edge by diminishing initial setup costs. Additionally, it ensures top-tier security in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

Team Leader Seo noted, “For non-profit entities, there’s a limited selection of ERP systems available in the market.”


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