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“Digital transformation must be easy and quick to create in-house apps”

Kwon O-Rim, general manager of YoungLimWon Soft Lab

“It is difficult to digitally transform a company’s unique activities with existing solutions. We provide a pipeline for companies to quickly and easily implement their own applications.”

Kwon O-Rim, general manager of YoungLimWon Soft Lab, said in a keynote speech at the ’20th ACC+ 2023′ event held by ZDNet Korea at the Lotte World Hotel in Jamsil, Seoul on the 27th.

“A company’s digital transformation refers to the process of optimizing and transforming the overall activities of an organization by internalizing digital technology,” said Kwon, O-Rim, general manager. do,” he said.

“However, there are limitations as domestic companies have undergone digital transformation by introducing major solutions or introducing SARS,” he said. However, it is difficult to capture the company’s unique activities with only off-the-shelf products. Also, if the company forcibly fits the functions it wants, there is a high possibility that the activities that differentiate the company’s core competitiveness or identity will fade.”

In response, Kwon introduced ‘Flextudio’, a platform that enables easy creation of mobile apps for businesses. “Companies can easily create and distribute their own in-house apps in Flextudio,” he said. It happens automatically,” he said.

Flextudio can add features without a single line of code in the properties, and anyone can configure the menu or app. Kwon said, “You can use the no-code tool to configure the app without any special mobile technology.”

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