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Digital Innovation (DX) Journey’s Key Partner, Flextudio

Oh-Rim Kwon Team Leader, Flextudio Team

Many companies pursuing digital innovation (DX) choose to implement related solutions or subscribe to SaaS-based services. However, no matter how excellent the solution, there are limitations to digitizing the unique activities of individual companies.

Successful digital innovation is not a temporary change, but a continuous movement that enhances the resilience of the company. Over time, the solutions introduced may even decrease the resilience of the organization, so it is necessary to be able to respond flexibly to changes in the organization and work through ‘digital plasticity’ that allows changes in the existing digital infrastructure.

Supporting the Entire Process from Deployment to Operation and Management Flexibly… Easing Cost Burdens

SEI, which established its Indonesian corporation in March 2022, is focusing on SystemEver, a SaaS ERP for the cloud that has been developed over many years. By providing not only packaged ERP (standard type) but also additional development, it caters to the diverse needs of companies for integrated ERP, mainly targeting wholesale distribution companies and manufacturers. For small and medium-sized businesses in Indonesia, the ERP market is not as mature as in Korea, so user training often takes longer than expected, leading to prolonged construction periods. Therefore, they are preparing to provide a more economical and simpler Lite model to widen the selection for customers. They are also in the process of creating an online training center and related lectures for users. In addition, they strive to provide local-specific solutions by establishing a pre-diagnosis process to reduce the risk of ERP projects and improve quality. Meanwhile, there is also an AccountTax model that is only provided through tax accounting consulting firms. This product assists clients in managing their accounting-related information systematically and accurately, while the consulting firm provides its original services.

Flextudio is a low-code/no-code platform that supports the easy development and operation of mobile apps that connect a company’s unique activities and data. It is an ideal choice for companies seeking to realize digital plasticity.

With Flextudio, even companies without mobile development specialists can easily create and operate B2C-level apps as citizen developers. It can connect the data of existing legacy systems to sophisticated mobile apps and can be modified continuously to match the activities of the company.

Flextudio minimizes the difficulties and management elements that occur when developing and operating apps, and supports even the most challenging part, app deployment. Also, anyone can easily and quickly create an app following a web-based user-friendly interface, and inviting users is also possible.

(Image 1_Create App) Flextudio can send invitation messages to app users and even automatically handles user login authentication.

Easy Creation of B2C-Level Apps Even Without Professional Designers or Mobile Developers

Even without professional designers and mobile developers, using various design templates and scenario-based development tools, you can develop apps that offer an excellent user experience (UX) at the B2C app level. The commercially available mobile attendance management solution, EverTime, is also developed with Flextudio and is actively used by over 100 customer companies.

(Image 2_Scenario-based Development Tools)

(Image 3_Various Design Templates)

Flextudio allows the use of legacy systems in apps. It can connect to the API of the legacy system or directly connect to the existing legacy DB and process data with SQL statements. It provides external API integration as a basis, such as ▲ChatGPT, ▲Naver, ▲Google Sheets, ▲Notion, ▲Map, and other necessary APIs can be additionally connected for use.

(Image 4_External Connection Structure)

Flextudio supports multi-tenancy, making it easy to manage multi-corporations and serve apps to multiple customers. It provides a user management page for each tenant so that you can manage separate login information, and apps can be customized according to the tenant.

(Image 5_Tenant Management)

As the role of developers is becoming more specialized, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to secure all the resources needed for app development. In an attempt to address these difficulties, no-code platforms are being introduced, but they are expensive and have limitations in design and functionality, making it insufficient to fully meet the needs of businesses. Flextudio is the only no-code platform that supports the operation of B2C-level apps without the burden of cost. It is expected that Flextudio will establish itself as a key partner adding flexibility to corporate digital innovation in the future.

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