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Younglimwon 1% Club

Younglimwon Soft Lab is a company that contributes to society along with the development of the company.

Younglimwon 1% Club is a youth scholarship support program.
Employees of Younglimwon Soft Lab donate 1% of their salaries every month, and the company donates an amount matching that amount.

The 1% Club provides scholarships to middle and high school students experiencing financial difficulties, and students with their own dreams and challenging spirit are eligible.

In addition, Younglimwon Soft Lab employees become guardians to observe and support them. Sponsorship for scholarship students not only provides economic support, but also has various programs to maintain stable emotions through sympathy and to motivate students through reading and writing.

Since its inception in 2005, Younglimwon 1% Club has sponsored approximately 320 middle and high school scholarship students.

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