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YoungLimWon Soft Lab supplies next-generation ERP to Ahn Lab and Hancom

YoungLimWon Soft Lab (CEO Young-Bum Kwon) announced on the 14th that it had finally completed the next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) system ‘K-System Ace’ construction project for AhnLab (CEO Seok-Gyun Kang)

[Digital Daily Correspondent Sang-il Lee]

The ‘K-System Ace’ construction project was carried out for 13 months from March last year. The project was conducted with the focus on ▲work process improvement and standardization ▲establishment of an integrated data management system ▲reinforcement of sales and sales system efficiency.

The ‘K-System Ace’ ERP system is an ERP system for medium-sized and large companies and provides optimized processes for various industries. In addition, it provides financial-based management indicators such as production, profit and loss, purchase, and sales through ERP data, and supports companies to improve their growth, profitability, stability, and productivity.

YoungLimWon Softlab PMS Division Manager Yeong-Geun Shim said, “We applied all the sales methods and know-how that can occur in the IT industry to this project. could be proved,” he explained.

Meanwhile, YoungLimWon Softlab is also carrying out a K-System Ace ERP system introduction project for ‘Hangeul and Computer’.

YoungLimWon Soft Lab CEO Young-Bum Kwon said, “The project has become an opportunity to further enhance the perfection of the company’s IT industry ERP system.” said.


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