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Challenges and Imperatives in Software Development for Indonesian Businesses

Nova Ulaila Dewi, Marketing Assistant Manager, PT SystemEver, Indonesia

The increasing importance of rapid developments in software in Indonesia is driven by the swift advancement of digitalization, particularly from the client’s perspective. Businesses are driven by the urgency to adapt promptly to changing market trends, evolving consumer demands, and the competitive landscape. For clients, fast-paced software development is essential to ensure they stay ahead in their respective industries, respond quickly to market opportunities, and deliver enhanced services to their customers. The ability to rapidly deploy and iterate software solutions allows clients to maintain a competitive edge and meet the dynamic expectations of their target audience.

Developing software is occasionally perceived more as a “mysterious craft” rather than a disciplined engineering practice. Achieving the elusive goal of creating programs accessible and understandable to non-programmers has been a longstanding aspiration for many businesses.  This challenge is particularly pronounced in a diverse country like Indonesia, where developing software needs to be adjusted to local culture and local government regulations. For that, understanding what a program needs to achieve is a fundamental aspect of a developer’s role, and without excellent technical knowledge, building applications is very difficult and takes a long time.

New Developments Era

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic presented significant challenges for companies in Indonesia. This was especially true during the Enforcement of Community Restrictions (PPKM), a government initiative to control the pandemic. During this period, the Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) implemented regulations governing work relationships, including Work From Home (WFH) policies under local government guidelines.

For the implementation, the application of WFH to workers was a must, and obliged to obtain rights in the form of wages or salaries. The application of WFH is also based on a shifting system or division of working time and working days in one month in turns by looking at the percentage of workers. With all the policies that have been given, it requires the readiness of the company to achieve the effectiveness of implementing the WFH and maintain the productivity and performance of each worker. That’s why the increasingly prevalent used of technology has become a targeted solution to address the challenges.

Unfortunately, Indonesia’s diversity further influenced the development process factors such as regulatory compliance for different regions, customization to meet local needs, user experience design considering diverse user bases, and cultural sensitivity or preferences all played a role in shaping software solutions. Adapting to this diversity required a nuanced approach to ensure that the software development process is ready for further change. However, the traditional development of tools for these solutions often took a considerable amount of time. Recognizing the urgency to deploy effective systems rapidly, some Indonesian businesses and software development houses explored alternative approaches. Since then, no code-low code development tools have become a solution that has gained popularity.

Flextudio for Indonesia

Seeing the growth of the need for software development in Indonesia, the demand for rapid solutions and tailored applications has become more pressing than ever. Enter low-code development—a game-changing approach that not only expedites the software creation process but also offers a high degree of customization to meet specific business needs.

Flextudio offers some stuff for the Indonesia business landscape such as:

The Need for Speed

In today’s fast-paced business environment, agility and speed are paramount. Traditional software development methods often involve lengthy coding processes, making it challenging for companies to keep up with rapidly changing market demands. Flextudio development addresses this challenge by minimizing manual coding, utilizing visual interfaces, providing pre-built components, and delivering them to users. Eliminate wasteful development man-hours, debugging time, and continuous login management. Anyone can easily change a developed app and apply it immediately, and OS security updates are automatically processed.

Customization at Your Fingertips

While speed is crucial, businesses also require software solutions that align perfectly with their unique needs. Flextudio platforms empower organizations to tailor applications to their specific requirements with relative ease. These platforms often offer a drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible for developers to create, modify, and customize applications. With Flextudio users can manage everything from app creation to deployment all in one place. The flexibility of low code allows for the incorporation of business logic, workflows, and integrations seamlessly by linking the app to the backend of the company’s DB or existing system.

Easy to Use Apps

Flextudio development democratizes the software creation process by breaking down barriers traditionally associated with coding. The development process could start with visualizing the entire scenario flow and designing screens. Flextudio also provides a lot of design so users can freely create screen layouts and designs without immediate development considerations. For Indonesian “citizen developers”, development is possible with templates and AI auto-generation features.

To foster collaboration, this system allows the user to send an invitation text to another user and the users can use the app to verify their identity. The goal is not only fosters collaboration within teams but also to allows business stakeholders to have a more direct role in shaping the software to meet their requirements.

Enhanced Productivity and Cost-Efficiency

By streamlining the development process and reducing the need for extensive coding, Flextudio solutions enhance overall productivity. Developers can focus on solving complex business challenges rather than getting bogged down by repetitive coding tasks. Moreover, the accelerated development timeline translates into cost savings, making low-code an attractive option for businesses looking to optimize their resources.

Security Setting

Security is a paramount concern in the landscape of software development everywhere, including Indonesia, and that particularly emphasizes this aspect plays a critical role in safeguarding digital systems and applications. As technology continues to advance, the importance of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information has become increasingly crucial. That’s why Flextudio offers a system without worrying a security. Because the system you designate as a relay service in AWS can only be accessed by users with the highest level of security authentication. Utilize the Flex Connector and API to register a static IP, or establish a connection through a distinct Private Link.

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