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An innovation towards a ‘Question Culture’ should be prioritized

Young Bum Kwon, CEO & Founder of YoungLimWon Soft-Lab

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“An innovation towards a ‘Question Culture’ should be prioritized”

1st November 2023

“Why do we gather to work together?”

I believe the primary reason is to synergize by bringing together diverse individuals. Moreover, to achieve significant tasks, they must be divided and accomplished collectively, and most companies work together because they can share and utilize the accumulated experiences of many.

Nowadays, it’s said that three years constitute a generation. Young people even feel a generational gap with those just 1-2 years their senior. Consequently, organizations inevitably consist of multiple generations working together. The differences in preferences and thoughts due to generational gaps can lead to conflicts, and if these conflicts outweigh the synergy of working together, then the purpose of gathering to work is lost.
In the 21st century, characterized by enormous changes in scale and speed, minimizing generational conflicts between the older generation, accustomed to hierarchical cultures, and the new generation, which values individual autonomy, has become an urgent and significant challenge. This calls for an innovative shift towards a new corporate culture that allows for synergistic collaboration.

However, innovating a new corporate culture is neither an easy task accomplished by merely changing company policies and regulations nor a quick fix through external consulting or training. Ultimately, it’s about the members themselves changing their thoughts and actions.
Changing even a small habit is not easy for an individual. Without strong willpower, efforts to change often revert back in just 2-3 days. Therefore, it’s indeed a daunting task for every member to change their thoughts and actions in a positive direction.

As our company celebrates its 30th anniversary, we will continue to develop the ‘Corporate Culture Innovation App’, not just as an execution system like ERP but as a tool to enhance performance through individual voluntary participation.
In an era where everyone carries a smartphone 24 hours a day and spends a significant part of their day using it, the inevitable form of a corporate culture innovation tool is a mobile app.
Our company’s first ‘Corporate Culture Innovation App’ is ‘EverAsk’. This app combines ‘anonymity’ to allow equal participation and ‘question format’ to encourage creative thinking in daily life. It aims to break hierarchical cultural norms and enable horizontal, active communication.
The glorious civilization of humanity began with questions. Without questions, we might still be living in a primitive civilization. Receiving a question makes everyone think, and a good question leads to good thoughts. Good questions enhance individual creativity and become the starting point for generating innovative ideas in an organization.

When asked a question, I believe everyone should answer. Especially with anonymous responses, participation will increase, and a variety of thoughts can be freely presented. Also, by using the survey feature to allow decisions to be made by the majority of members, we can achieve more responsible and improved results than decisions made unilaterally by a leader.

As we look forward to its launch next year, it would be great if our company members actively use it first, not only to improve its functionality but also to prove that ‘EverAsk’ is an essential ‘Corporate Culture Innovation’ app for all companies in ushering in a new era. I hope it will become the flagship app of our new ‘Corporate Culture Innovation’ business, leading the creation of a ‘new culture’ in companies.
Wouldn’t you like to actively use ‘EverAsk’ to create a new culture of ‘dignity restoration’ and ‘progress orientation’ together?


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