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30 Years of YoungLimWon Soft Lab’s Know-how to Indonesia

KOCHAM VILLA\Volume 044| FRI 28 APR 2023

Oh-Cheol(Charles)Kwon CEO, PT.SEI

PT. System Ever Indonesia (SEI) is a subsidiary of YoungLimWon Soft Lab in Korea, a company with over 30 years of experience in enterprise software development and consulting. It provides ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package solutions and services to small and medium-sized enterprises not only in Korea and Indonesia but also in various countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Japan, China, and regions like the Middle East and Europe. Along with traditional ERP distributed through the client company’s own server, it also has a cloud-based ERP product (SystemEver), and recently showcased a product combined with AI. Based on such technical skills and experience, the company has entered the rapidly growing Indonesian market to expand its business to the global market. Oh-Cheol(Charles) Kwon, the CEO of PT.SEI, believes that the SystemEver business, which is specialized for small and medium-sized manufacturers, is suitable as Indonesia is encouraging the development of the manufacturing industry through national policy. Through SystemEver, they focus on systematic management of the client’s business processes and maximization of work efficiency.

“SEI’s Customized Service for Clients”

SEI, which established its Indonesian corporation in March 2022, is focusing on SystemEver, a SaaS ERP for the cloud that has been developed over many years. By providing not only packaged ERP (standard type) but also additional development, it caters to the diverse needs of companies for integrated ERP, mainly targeting wholesale distribution companies and manufacturers. For small and medium-sized businesses in Indonesia, the ERP market is not as mature as in Korea, so user training often takes longer than expected, leading to prolonged construction periods. Therefore, they are preparing to provide a more economical and simpler Lite model to widen the selection for customers. They are also in the process of creating an online training center and related lectures for users. In addition, they strive to provide local-specific solutions by establishing a pre-diagnosis process to reduce the risk of ERP projects and improve quality. Meanwhile, there is also an AccountTax model that is only provided through tax accounting consulting firms. This product assists clients in managing their accounting-related information systematically and accurately, while the consulting firm provides its original services.

“Appropriate Use of Online and Offline”

Many companies have been affected by the unprecedented pandemic, and SEI was no exception. Initially, there were difficulties, but with the introduction of collaborative tools company-wide and the generalization of non-face-to-face work styles, they naturally transitioned to online work. SEI also actively used collaboration tools to create an internal non-face-to-face working environment. As SystemEver allows users to access the system and process work from anywhere, it seems that the customers have benefited from this cloud ERP. Customers also became familiar with non-face-to-face formats, increasing the areas SEI could cover and naturally creating new service formats such as remote consulting. Remote consulting not only saves physical costs and time but also is more efficient in human resource placement. However, not all work can be handled non-face-to-face. Especially, the sense of kinship and field with customers can only be felt by meeting them directly, so they are responding flexibly by creating a working environment that appropriately mixes the advantages of online and offline.

“SEI Growing with its Clients”

The philosophy of SEI and YoungLimWon Soft Lab is to contribute to corporate development by helping customers manage better and to develop a better world based on that. The growth of a company greatly contributes to the development of society. SEI aims to provide the best solutions and services for the growth of customers’ businesses. Based on its rich experience of supplying ERP to over 2,300 small and medium-sized companies for 30 years and continuous investment in R&D, it will lead the business to success. Although the path to overseas market development is long and arduous, they plan to actively develop businesses by strategically collaborating with competent partners for growth and profit generation.

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